Radio Aerials Keep Jim’s Antennas Busy

Jim’s Antennas installers have been busy recently in Adelaide’s Southern Suburbs installing various amateur radio aerials.

The latest upgrade to this client’s property involved the fitting of a tilt over mast with winch retractable masting up to 10 metres in height. The heavy duty base has been concreted in position to allow a secure base on which to bolt the tilt arm and hydraulic ram. This allows for the antenna and mast to be raised and lowered to a safe working height to allow for any work to be carried out. The mast has a rotator fitted which allows the antenna to be moved into various positions when raised and pickup radio communications from around the world.

If you would enjoy your own amateur radio aerials in your backyard, just call Jim’s Antennas on 131 546.


radio aerials Adelaide

 radio aerials Adelaide


radio aerials Adelaide

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