Why You Should Consider A TV Wall Mount For Your Clients

Businesses with waiting rooms take note, we specialise in TV wall mount installations. We’ve all sat in waiting rooms with nothing to do other than read a magazine from 5 years ago right? Well Troy from Jim’s Antennas has actively approached businesses that have waiting rooms, offering his specialised TV wall mount services. Businesses with waiting rooms approached by Troy have included medical clinics, hand car wash centres and tyre dealerships where customers wait while their tyres are changed. Troy’s even wall mounted TVs in dental offices so the patient can take their mind off the drilling with a bit of daytime TV!

All of Troy’s clients that opted to have a TV wall mounted have advised him that their own customers are far less impatient now as they wait to see the doctor, have their car washed or have their tyres changed. Best of all, the ancient soapie magazines can be thrown in the recycling bin! In the attached image we see a flat screen TV wall mount completed by Troy at Jax Quickfit Tyres in Epping in Melbourne’s north. For a trained professional like Troy the job may seem simple, however, wall mounting a TV, no matter what size, can be a difficult proposition to attempt without the proper training. So many times our Jim’s Antennas technicians have come to the rescue of a DIY wall mount gone wrong.

At the Epping store Troy had to run a cable from the splitter in the roof down to the wall where the TV was to be mounted, and then he needed to fit a free-to-air wall plate before testing the signal with his meter to ensure a strong digital TV signal. The bracket then needed to be levelled and secured to the wall studs to ensure the weight of the TV could be supported. As you can see, there’s a fair bit involved in a standard TV wall mount, and this changes even further if the TV is smart and data outlets are required.

If you don’t feel capable of wall mounting a TV then be sure to call in the professionals at Jim’s Antennas who are always available to help. Jim’s Antennas operates in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, North Queensland, Adelaide, Mt Gambier, Murray Bridge, Perth and just about everywhere else! Give us a call on 1300 733 093 or book via the website jimsantennas.com.au.