Want To Improve Digital TV Reception In Doncaster? Call Jim’s Antennas

Since the switch from analogue to digital we’ve encountered many locations that struggle to obtain a decent signal, with Doncaster in Melbourne’s east a renowned trouble spot. Troy from Jim’s Antennas Wollert travels throughout Melbourne’s northern and eastern corridors responding to requests to improve digital TV signals. Troy stocks various antennas with low, medium and high gain capabilities but sometimes what is required is a mast to elevate the antenna high enough to pick up a quality digital signal.

For those who have put up with poor TV reception there’s not much you wouldn’t do to improve it as it’s a cause of constant frustration. A poor signal is caused by a myriad of factors but the following are some examples:

  • Poor quality antenna
  • Distance from the nearest transmission towers
  • Obstructions to the signal such as mountains, buildings, trees
  • Poor quality installation

If you call Jim’s Antennas you can eliminate some of these factors straight away. For starters, we only stock quality antennas that have been tested to withstand Australia’s harsh climate. Secondly, our technicians undergo rigorous training on the job and in theory, with all required to obtain a Cert III in Digital Reception Technology.

We also have other means to ensure you obtain a great digital signal, such as adding an amplifier to boost the signal strength or elevated the antenna via a tall guyed mast. Troy is very experienced with poor reception areas and will leave no stone unturned to bring your reception to where you need it. In the attached image Troy has installed an antenna atop a 30 foot mast. Previously the client couldn’t get digital reception but after Troy’s installation the signal to all TVs in the house were perfect.

For a name you can trust call the professionals at Jim’s Antennas on 1300 733 093.