4G Antenna Byford

Jim’s Antennas Byford recently attended a local property in Byford. Their 4G internet reception for the Optus modem in their tin shed was sketchy at best. Chris from Jim’s Antennas was able to fit and install an omnidirectional MIMO 4G antenna.

This fixed his dropout rates overnight by extending the range and boosting the signal to the shed. Here at Jim’s Antennas we don’t just install antennas, we troubleshoot a variety of AV problems our customers can’t  fix themselves. When things get out of hand and not working the way you’d expect, it’s best to call on the fully trained local team of experts at Jim’s Antennas.


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“This story first appeared in: Daily Mercury – http://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/tv-complaints-on-roll/2142271/” on 17th January, 2014 DODGY television reception is causing issues across the region and Mackay residents have had enough. Encouraged by Clairview homeowners who recently shared their grievances about their faulty reception, Mackay residents have spoken out. A Daily Mercury Facebook post asking about the worst […]

Jim’s Antennas Scarborough recently attended a roof top in Sorrento to fit and install a brand new Hills Black Arrow antenna.  This antenna is custom designed for inner city/fringe living for precise digital frequency bands and crystal clear HD performance. These antennas come with a 4G filter to prevent interference from any local mobile phone […]

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