Safety Always A Priority When Deciding To Wall Mount A TV

If you’ve decided to wall mount a TV then there are several things that must be considered, and safety is at the top of this list.

Michael from Jim’s Antennas Ingle Farm was called in recently to install a customer’s TV in the playroom. As this area is set aside for young children to use and they are inclined to leap around a bit as kids do there was a risk of damage to the TV, and worse still, injury to a child. This was of course causing some anxiety.

After sitting down with the parents it was decided that it was best to wall mount the TV away from sticky fingers with the added bonus of eliminating the possibility of the screen falling on anyone.

Due to the shape of the room it was suggested that a swivel mount was used as this allowed the screen to be stowed away when not being used and it was also hoped that the ability to move the TV around would hopefully avoid the current arguments between the children as to who had the rights to the “best” seat.

The customer was so pleased with the end result that he took a photo of the finished installation and sent it to his wife and reported straight away that she was massively relieved and that as a bonus the grandparents would also be much happier (they had recently heard of a young child being injured by a falling TV screen and it was playing on their minds).