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Matt from Jim’s Antennas Moana has been run off his feet in the first week of February after Adelaide was battered by strong winds and storms. Matt has reported that the majority of homes he has attended related to antennas that had been fixed to timber frames and had either completely fallen or were hanging by a thread.

Matt says that this method of installation is vastly outdated and has been replaced by a new uni-mount system that provides far greater stability and limits movement during heavy winds. The likelihood of an antenna becoming detached when installed using a uni-mount is therefore greatly reduced.

In the attached images, which were taken by Matt following a call out to a home in Woodcroft, it can be seen that the old ‘hockey stick’ method of antenna installation attached to a wooden frame just isn’t strong enough to sustain a burst of inclement weather. Matt also noted that the antenna was analog, which required updating to digital. Matt installed a new digital antenna and uni-mount which ensured a more stable antenna with dramatically improved picture quality. The client was so relieved that Matt could attend at such short notice and provide a solution to their antenna reception problem. Matt is an extremely talented technician and is available for all your reception issues and antenna installation needs. Matt can also install additional TV points, data points, phone points and is proficient with home theatre installation.

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