Recent Storm Damage In Adelaide – Jim’s Antennas Are Here To Help

With the gale force winds that wreaked havoc across Adelaide in the first week of February, it’s not surprising that some 84,000 homes across the state have been affected in various ways. Jim’s Antennas franchisees throughout Adelaide have reported many homes with antenna damage, some clearly visible, some only noticeable due to poor signal strength.

Martin, of Jim’s Antennas Valley View, noted that the majority of antennas that had fallen due these heavy winds were those that had been attached to a wooden frame. Martin advised that unless these wooden frames are well maintained, they have the potential to rot which in turn weakens the wood. In these circumstances, heavy winds will usually lead to the antenna either completely detaching or hanging loosely, both of which pose a serious hazard. Martin also strongly advises against any do-it-yourself repair jobs due to the inherent danger accompanied with working at heights. In the images attached, which depicts a home Martin recently attended in North Adelaide, it is obvious that the wooden frame was incapable of holding the antenna following a sustained burst of high winds.

Martin’s solution was to mount the antenna to the brick work, a far more stable and secure surface with less likelihood of loosening or detaching following a storm. If you are experiencing poor TV reception, it is quite possible that your antenna has been damaged. Jim’s Antennas franchisees not only specialize in digital TV reception and antenna installation, we also install additional TV points, data points, phone points, wall mount your TV, and provide advice and set up of all your home theatre equipment.

So if you reside in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs, and need one of the listed services, contact 131546 to be put in contact with your local Jim’s Antennas franchisee.

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