Poor Mobile or Internet reception Jim’s Antennas Barossa Valley is here to help!

If you suffer from poor mobile or Internet reception then Shaun from Jim’s Antennas Williamstown (South Australia) has the solution to your problem.
Shaun carries a range of external antennas that can provide improved coverage for certain mobile and Internet devices in areas where coverage is marginal. Even when you are in an area where handheld coverage is possible, an external antenna solution may also improve the performance of your handset or broadband device.

Shaun advises that external antennas are most effective when mounted in a mobile base station ‘line of sight’ area, or where best signal is received.
As with all antennas, the general rule when mounting is the higher the better. As seen in the attached image, Shaun has pointed this ‘Yagi’
directional antenna in the direction of the nearest mobile phone base station to ensure effective operation.

So if you’ve had enough of slow Internet speeds and poor mobile phone reception, call Jim’s Antennas on 131546 for assistance with picking the best antenna option for you as well as help with installation. Shaun provides exceptional service to all clients throughout the Barossa Valley.