Antenna Installations in Sydney Increase Due to Storms

Sadly, many homes in Sydney have been affected by the recent storms. Damage to property has been extensive, but one of the worst affected have been antenna installations. New and old antennas have been whipped away by strong winds or crushed by falling trees and branches. All of these homes now require new antennas. This has kept the Jim’s Antennas Sydney team very busy responding to calls from the community and helping residents and businesses in affected suburbs.

In addition to all the storms, Sydney residents will no doubt have also heard that their analog television signal is about to be switched off for good. It will be necessary for homes and businesses to get new TV antennas installed to receive the new signal format. The expert technicians at Jim’s Antennas in Sydney have all the information you need for this change over and are happy to help.

Affected homes and businesses are being advised not to undertake antenna repairs or replacement as DIY projects due to the inherent risks of heigh safety and electrical shorts that might be involved. Digital antenna installation should only be performed by an expert who can also adjust your antenna to ensure you are getting the best possible signal. They can do this using sophisticated signal measurement instruments that allow high precision adjustments.

If your antennas has been affected by storms and you need digital TV antenna installation in Sydney or surrounding suburbs, one of our local antenna technicians will be happy to help.
In addition to the new digital antennas, consumers are also getting new flat screen TVs, which are able to use the new digital signals to provide new features for TV viewing. If you are getting a new flat screen television, wall mounting your new set may be one of the best decisions you take. In addition to the aesthetic improvements and space savings you may have decided that the wall is the safest place for it. If so, your friendly Jim’s Antennas technician will be able to guide you on how best to wall mount your TV and which TV wall bracket will work best for your home or office.
Jim’s Antennas technicians carry a wide range of flat screen wall mount brackets including those that swivel. These new swivel brackets allow you to turn the screen so you can watch from more than one position in your home.

Our TV installation experts will be able to advise you on the locations for your flat screen television and for your new antenna. It might not need to go in the same place as the old one.
Of course, if you are not changing your television set, you will need a digital set top box installation instead. This will allow your old set to pick up the new signal. And hopefully the next Sydney storm will not cause you any problems with your television viewing.

For all your digital TV antenna installation needs, please give us a call, we’re happy to help.