Are you tuned for the retune?

RetuneAustralia is moving to digital-only reception. Some TV channels are set to change frequencies and after the transition, viewers will have to retune their set-top boxes, digital TVs or digital TV recorders to continue enjoying their favourite shows. The retune will begin in May 2013 and is scheduled for completion by 31 December 2014.

Most of Perth’s TV viewers have or will need to retune as their date was last Friday, 17 May. Different areas have different dates with the retune and if you aren’t sure about your area, visit the Government website. You’ll be able to sign up for an SMS or email reminder. Here are some commonly asked questions:

When is my retune date?

The retune date varies by location and depends on where you are living. It’s also dependant on the type of transmitter which is sending you TV signals. To know when the channels are changing for your area’s transmitters, go to the “Retune” section of the Government website and follow the instructions.

Remember, you cannot retune before your location’s retune date. Retuning can be done only on or after your area’s retune date.

Do I need to retune?

Yes. Most of Australia will be affected by the retune. There are some equipment which will auto-retune, detecting channel changes automatically. They may also prompt you to do the same via your remote. If you watch free-to-air channels with pay TV, your provider may return your set-top box for you. Remember, you won’t find a lost TV channel unless you retune.

However, Viewer Access Satellite Television System (VAST) users won’t need retuning as only TV transmitters which are land-based are affected.

How do I retune?

If you aren’t receiving the same number of channels, start with your remote’s “Menu” button and go to the “Set-up” options. Then, search for words like “Auto-tuning” or “Channels”. It is recommended you keep a note of your favourite channels or the settings for parental lock prior to the retune. Returning can erase the settings.