Australia phasing out analogue TV signal; upgrade to enjoy your favourite shows

Australia phasing out analogue TV signal; upgrade to enjoy your favourite showsIt’s been in the pipeline for quite some time; finally, the analogue signal is set to be switched off in parts of Queensland. This is probably one of the biggest transitions in television history since color was invented.

Come May 28, the reception technology that has been a part of the Australian way of life for the last 50 years will be done away with across the south east.

Tasmania abandoned analogue TV earlier this week whereas Adelaide and its surrounding areas bid their farewells on April 2.

April 16 will see Perth make the switch while the Greater Sydney area will continue with the faithful service till December.

Australia plans to make the switch to digital by the end of 2013.

Televisions that are over five years old need to be upgraded or there won’t be any TV at all. New flat screen panels are compatible with digital technology but older models can be made digital-ready with a high definition set top box.

If you love watching TV, it’s better to make the shift sooner than later. You definitely wouldn’t like to switch on your TV and be greeted with a blank screen.

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