Bird proofing TV antennas by Jim’s Antennas Hobart

With Spring well and truly underway, Jim’s Antennas customers may be noticing an increase in the numbers of birds landing on their roof, TV antenna and other roof fittings.
The result can be unsightly staining of the roof, which is particularly noticeable on the modern dark toned Colourbond metal roofs. As many homes rely on rainwater for drinking, this also has health implications as the bird ‘guano’ accumulates in the water collection surfaces.

Fortunately, Jim’s Antennas can supply and fit ‘bird spikes’ which are a deterrent for birds landing on antennas and other areas, to solve this problem. The bird spikes are made from lightweight polycarbonate material and are fixed to suitable TV antennas and surfaces using neutral cure silicone. The birds are not harmed in any way but even small birds can be deterred from landing in undesired areas. Call Jims Antennas 131546 for more information.