Making friends with Real Estate Agents

I thought I would share a few thoughts regarding Real Estate Agents. I was counting how many agencies I deal with…. 22!

As the owner & operator of Jim’s Antennas Maroochydore I have tried to cultivate positive relationships with all my business partners and in particular Real Estate Property Managers.
When contacted by an agency I consider myself to be part of their team and I make it my business to act on their maintenance request as soon as possible. Most importantly I contact the tenant immediately to book them in for an appointment. This has the effect of putting the tenants mind at rest and stops them from re-ringing the estate agent . The property manager develops a greater level of trust for me based on not being further troubled by the tenant.

Once at the property ,and after having the opportunity to work out what the problem is I will either call the Property Manager for on-site approval ( this usually happens with the less expensive jobs ) or if the property needs a digital ready antenna upgrade I collect the information I need through conducting a thorough site investigation and prepare a quote.
This I believe is a critical part of the process ..

I create a quote giving the Property Manager three options. The options I create are based on warranty length 1 / 3 and 5 years and different types of hardware suitable for digital reception. This gives the Property Manager a range of prices to present to the property owner who will ultimately make the decision on how much to invest in the upgrade. It also helps to fill the need for the Property Manager to provide the owner with the standard ” three quotes “. I can provide all three.

I also include a short paragraph or two explaining in lay-mans terms what are the main problems currently at the property and what is required to overcome them . I believe writing In a manner that is less technical gives a clear message to my Property Manager and the Owner that I care about their problem and am prepared to find a solution to suit their needs.
There is always a lot of smaller “maintenance” type work on offer. Jim’s Antennas on the Sunshine Coast from Glasshouse, Caloundra, Maroochydore, Noosa and Gympie are on hand to offer competitive quotes and quality work to keep Digital TV reception in top condition in rental properties across the region.


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