Are Your Customers Aware Of The Cameras In Your Store?

If you are an owner of a retail store you will be aware that the best form of protection for your staff, customers and store, is to have a video surveillance set up. By doing so, you will deter crimes, such as break-ins, theft, violence, as well as any internal theft. Video surveillance can also be used when there is a dispute amongst staff or customers. But, it’s not all negative, video surveillance can also be used for team training and can help improve the layout of the store, but watching the pattern that shoppers make when visiting your store.

But, before you purchase your security system, it’s important that you are aware of the guidelines, also known as the Code of Practise, written by The Australian Retailers Association. They are available to members, and protects the rights of retailers, their employees, customers, suppliers and all others visiting retail premises.

It’s also crucial that both your staff and customers are made aware that they are being filmed. With staff members, you must inform them of video surveillance in writing. For customers, it is recommend you have the footage in clear eye-sight so that they can see, or have signage informing them that they are being recorded.

Once you are aware of the protocols and are ready to have a security system installed, we recommend calling the experts at Jim’s Antennas. Our team work closely with our licensed Jim’s Security to assist our clients with the installation of CCTV Systems & Security Cameras, Security Alarms, Video Intercoms and Access Control.

Troy, from Jim’s Antennas & Security Wollert, was asked to install 3 camera systems at a local Skate shop. He ensured that the monitor was able to be viewed by the customers, so as they walked in they knew that they were being recorded.

If you would like to know more about installing a security system in your retail store and to arrange your free onsite quote, call 131 546 or book here today.

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