Not sure of what to buy your ‘gamer’ for their birthday?

if you have a ‘gamer’ in your household, chances are they already have every game under the sun, and have pre-ordered the latest games, months in advance. So, what do you buy your ‘gamer’? We have two ideas for you.

  1. Upgrading their TV – we are pretty sure you will end up being their favourite person, especially if their current TV is not large. Their gaming experience will be enhanced in more ways than one!
  2. Mounting their new or existing TV to the wall – Not only will it change the vibe of the room, it can also create more space and style. TV’s that are mounted at the correct height are also better for their necks, as it eliminates neck strain and pain.

If you decide that this is a great idea (Yay! We are glad to have helped (😜) ) then Jim’s Antennas are the experts to help you with mounting. Our technicians will mount your screen neatly and professionally, giving you peace of mind that it is secure and safe. Your technician will also make sure that your TV is mounted to the correct bracket, as there are many different types of brackets from flush wall to swivel to ceiling mounted. They will also make sure that the TV is connected and working so that it is ready for some action!

Only recently, Michael from Jim’s Antennas & Jim’s Security South Morang, was asked to mount a brand new TV for his customers son’s birthday, as a surprise! His 19 year old son was previously playing his PlayStation on a 20 inch monitor. His surprise 65 inch TV is definitely an awesome upgrade!!

Whether you are looking to buy for a ‘gamer’, or for yourself, call 131 546 or book here to arrange your free onsite quote. (and if it’s a surprise, just make sure you let your local Franchise know).

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