3 Ways to Set Up Your Backyard for Easy Summer Entertaining

With Summer already here, it’s time to make the most of balmy nights and sunny days spent at home. No matter if you have a large backyard or a small courtyard, there are a few easy ways to increase the use of your outdoor area. Whether planning to spend your summer days working by the pool, throwing parties and holding dinners with friends and family, or simply relaxing from the comfort of your own backyard, Jim’s Antennas can help zhoosh up your outdoor area for year-round outdoor entertainment and living. 

TV Wall Mounting 

On pleasant summer nights, the place of choice tends to be outdoors rather than indoors when entertaining friends and family. Mounting a TV outdoors can bring outdoor entertainment to the next level. Just imagine it’s a warm night, the BBQ is on, drinks have just been poured and there you are sitting outside with the family watching the Aus Open, Big Bash League or your favourite movie. Or even better yet, it’s a sunny day, you’ve got a beer in hand and are relaxing in your pool or spa, while catching up on your favourite TV  show. 

At Jim’s Antennas our experienced technicians will not only safely and securely mount your TV outdoors, but will also recommend the right TV bracket and advise you on how to protect your outdoor TV against the elements. Our team can also mount properly TV speakers and sound bars so to ensure you receive the best sound quality possible.

Example of outdoor wall-mounting completed by Jim’s Antennas

Outdoor Speakers 

Outdoor speakers will not only enhance your viewing experience if planning on mounting a TV outdoors, but can also be installed on their own to liven up the atmosphere of your backyard. An outdoor speaker system is perfect for playing music at parties, but is also well-suited for more casual entertainment such as having guests over for lunch or dinner or enjoying your favourite music while sitting in your backyard or swimming in the pool. 

At Jim’s Antennas, we can help you install both wall-mounted and flush-mounted speakers.

Michael from Jim’s Antennas Installing in-ceiling Flush Mounted Yamaha Series 8 Speakers

Outdoor WiFi

Have you considered moving your home office outside? With many of us still working from home, the opportunity to set-up a temporary backyard office for nice days should not be overlooked. Soaking up the sunlight and breathing in the fresh air not only helps improve energy levels and mood, but can also increase productivity. However, a barrier for many households that their internet is unable to reach outside their home. Jim’s Antennas can help overcome this issue by extending WiFi coverage to ensure fast and reliable internet in your backyard. 

Setting up WiFi outdoors may also encourage tech obsessed kids to spend more time outside over the summer holidays. Teens can text by the pool, while little ones can watch their favourite shows on the iPad while sitting on the grass, surrounded by nature.

Recent example of an outdoor WiFi set-up completed by Jim’s Antennas

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