New TP-Link installation is Craigie.

A Jim’s Antennas Hillarys customer in Craigie had no wifi reception at one end of her house, and called in Jim’s Antennas to help. Jim’s Antennas set up a wireless mesh using TP Links Deco M5 product, and all deadzones througout the property were eliminated. Teleconferencing, streaming Netflix, and online gaming can all take place at the same time from any location within the house and yard. This has been a great help for the customer during self isolation! Call Jim’s Antennas today on 131 546 for a free quote or book online 24/7

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No matter how far we’ve come technologically, sometimes obtaining a clear TV reception signal just isn’t possible without an old fashioned 30 foot mast. Troy of Jim’s Antennas Wollert recently attended a home in Hurstbridge where all the latest high gain antennas just couldn’t find a sufficient signal to ensure picture perfect free to air […]

Jenny and Allan Duggan, based in Benjamin Street, Sunshine, have experienced their fair share of hard times, with each of their four children, Marc, Bryce, Nicholas and Jasmine, born with varying degrees of Autism. Everyday chores such as cooking, cleaning, and general maintenance of the home take second place behind the welfare of the children. […]

Jim’s Antennas Aubin Grove was recently contacted by a Real Estate client who had a property in Parmelia. The property was unable to receive a TV signal with their existing antenna. Paul installed and tested a new antenna. His client was very pleased with the result, and all TV channels are now working correctly. If […]

The Government of Australia is undertaking significant measures to ensure that the ‘digital’ switchover is achieved smoothly. Analog TV signals will be pulled out from every single region of Australia, by December 3, as per government’s notice. So, if you want to enjoy Freeview channels, you have to welcome the shift. And yes, in order […]

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