How to Wall Mount a TV

Mounting a TV on a wall can be challenging task, we are regularly called to help customers fix issues with an installation they have done themselves or that has been completed by a less experienced installer. It’s not uncommon for us to find a TV that is not level or brackets coming loose from the wall as they have not been correctly attached studs.

To help you navigate the ins and outs of getting your TV up on that wall, we’ve made a simple, easy to follow, how-to video to help you get started. Click the video below to watch a professional from Jim’s Antennas walk you through the steps involved in wall-mounting a TV.

Below we’ve also included a written outline to guide you through the wall-mounting process covered in our video.

How to Wall Mount Your TV

  1. Measure your wall space, and find the centre of your wall, once you have found the right spot, mark it in using tape or light pencil markings
  2. Use a laser level to make sure that the position of your bracket will be level. Again, once you have found the right spot, mark it in
  3. Find the wall studs using a stud finder
  4. Mount the bracket on the studs, attach the bracket to the wall using a level to make sure that the bracket is level on the wall, and an impact driver to screw the bracket onto the wall
  5. Attach the brackets (arms) to the back of your TV, and use a screw driver to screw it in  
  6. Conceal cabling by cutting holes in the plaster and put a yellow tongue down the wall to drag the cables through
  7. Mount the TV on the wall and make sure that the arms fit securely on the top of the bracket
  8. Connect the cables to the back of the TV
  9. Secure the safety screws on the bottom of the TV to ensure that it can’t fall off the wall
  10. Use a tape measure to ensure that the TV is centered on the wall
  11. Use a screen cleaner to clean all the finger prints off the TV
  12. Connect all the cables to your media devices
  13. Make sure all devices are connected properly and the TV is tuned

If the thought of mounting your TV is too overwhelming, or if perhaps you’ve had a failed attempt, we’ve got you covered! Here at Jim’s Antennas our experienced and qualified team will have your TV up and running in no time. Give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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