Repair of Wind Damaged Antenna

Brett from Jim’s Antennas Mickleham recently helped out a customer from Broadmeadows, whose antenna and mast had fallen down in strong winds. 

The area which Brett was in is well-known for poor reception. So, he chose to install a Digitek DV310 antenna, Alcad amplifier and a 15ft guyed mast on his customer’s roof. 

The  Digitek DV310 antenna has heavy duty construction on all elements, which will make it more resistant to harsh wind and rain, than his client’s light-weight brass antenna.

Brett also decided to install the 15ft mast to improve his client’s TV reception, to ensure that no objects would block the ‘line of sight’ from the antenna to the TV tower. 

Now his client can finally enjoy crystal clear reception, and a full range of channels. 

If you think your antenna may be damaged or needs repair or replacement, here at Jim’s Antenna’s we’re always willing to lend a helping hand.  Give us a call on 131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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