UHF Antenna Install Hallett Cove

Jim’s Antennas Hallett Cove recently attended a client’s rooftop to install a UHF Phased Array antenna. These types of antennas consist of small antennas and are typically used in low reception areas and can enhance signal strength and minimise interference to achieve a higher gain. Its robust construction is designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions often found in rural or remote communities. Another happy customer with a clear signal thanks to the fully trained team at Jim’s Antennas. Call today for a quote. Phone 131 546.

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It’s just an antenna isn’t it – aren’t they all the same? As you can see from this picture there is a difference. Jim’s Antennas will only install top quality digital TV reception equipment, most of it manufactured here in Australia to the highest standards. By using the best equipment, our technicians can guarantee flawless […]

Troy and his Jim’s Antennas Wollert crew recently commissioned by a builder to do a multi antenna installation for a tract housing development. In one day Troy and his team did twenty plus installations of the one site! While this in itself is an outstanding accomplishment, Troy and his team should also be congratulated for […]

Would you like to see who is at your front door ? The customer in St Kilda wanted to screen people knocking on the door.   We installed from Radio Parts Group the Aiphone Intercom system in the kitchen and upstairs hallway.  With the Camera neatly at the front gate, the cables are all out of sight, conduit under the […]

See the picture above? It’s a great example of how not to install an Antenna!! At Jim’s Antennas we often get asked where is the best location for my Antenna and the answer depends on a lot of factors. The correct location of your Antenna has a lot to do with the location of the […]

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