Selecting the Right Antenna Mount

Grant from Jim’s Antennas Kingborough in Tasmania, was recently asked to relocate a tv antenna for a customer in Old Beach, as it was suspected to be causing water damage to a houses ceiling. When Grant removed the antenna mount he found the tile cracked as seen in the photo.

What made maters worse was that holes for the mounting screws were drilled in the valley of the tile. This is were the majority of water flows on any roofing material and in this case it resulted in damage to the ceiling.

Any roof penetration in the valley of roofing or where water can pool, regardless of how well it is sealed is a leak waiting to happen. All sealants deteriorate in time from the sun and movement of the roof from expansion and contraction with changes in temperature. This is why selecting the right antenna mount is important.

There are a number of types mounts for tile roofs that do not require holes to be drill in the tiles, in this case when Grant relocated the antenna he used a gutter mount.
This type of mount attaches to the roofs timber work under the first row of tiles above gutter. When done correctly the tiles will sit down neatly over the mount and their will not be any leaks.

Grant also up dated the existing analogue antenna and replaced it with a new digital antenna that has a built in 4G filter.

This is to prevent interference from mobile phone towers that are upgraded to high strength 4G. The upgrading of mobile phone towers is happening Australia wide and has caused significant interference problems in many areas. The problems occur when a phone tower transmits signals that are higher strength than what tv’s are intended to receive. The frequencies being used by the phone towers are ones that use to be used for tv transmissions and as such all tv’s can pick them up.

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