Living The Dream: Matt Mitchell, Franchisee of The Year

Well, by the time you read this the dust will have settled on another great Antennas Conference and those in the know will have no doubt started scratching their heads figuring out a way to do it all over again in (hopefully) another exotic location for 2013…

This years conference was the second that I have attended and thoroughly encourage anyone who hasn’t yet been to one to get your name down for next year, who knows, it may even help your business if you do….

For those that were present on the Saturday (Award night) this year you will know that I am a man of very few words… with that in mind I just wanted to use the newsletter as a way of saying a couple of thank you’s that I didn’t say on the night due to my state of shock at winning!!!….

First of all, a little bit of background, had it not been for joining a local soccer team when I arrived in Australia 3 years ago, I wouldn’t have met Simon Hunt (Flagstaff Hill) who having just bought into the Jims Group himself the previous month reignited my interest in buying into the franchise. Simons enthusiasm and encouragement for his new found career heavily influenced me and certainly made me more certain than ever that starting a Franchise would really suit the way of life that I had come to Australia for. His generosity in sharing his time, knowledge (and Money!!) in those early days will be something I will always be grateful for and I am glad to count him and his lovely family as close friends.

The next step for me was meeting Bill & Linda in person, I had previously only spoken to Bill on the telephone when I was in England and all this was just a Google Search late one night!… They could see my enthusiasm for joining their team but knew that several things including our residency status at the time were causing a stumbling block. They put their faith in us and took a gamble and gave us the chance we desperately needed, hopefully we have proven them right and it has paid off and for this we truly thank them.

As we all know, there is a lot more to running this business than just installing antennas on roofs, having never been self employed, Adrian Dell (Blackwood) has found himself on the receiving end of many of my phone calls for advice on both technical and business related matters. He has always found the time to give help and it never seems too much trouble (even after 2 Years) for him. He was a well deserved winner of a Team player award at this years conference and I’m sure there will be many more. I also am privileged to count Adrian and family as good friends.

After my initial meeting with Bill I was asked to spend the day with his chief trainer and the man who helps keep Team SA running smoothly, Michael Stone to get final approval that I was suitable. Michaels knowledge of the job and all it entails is unlimited and something he never minds sharing and for this I would like to thank him as I often do.

I have one more thank you to make and that is to my wife Lorraine. If it wasn’t for you, all that we have would be just a dream. We would still be in wet and gloomy Derbyshire watching all the TV shows about people living abroad and wishing it was us. I would still be in my over worked and underpaid job moaning about climbing ladders in the ice and rain. Together we make an awesome team. Thank you.

On that note I think I have covered the lot and luckily for you, the reader, I have a stack of real estate jobs to transfer to my JiMBO app before the women’s beach volley ball comes on…