TV Systems for Better TV Reception in High Rise Buildings

Are tenants of your block of units complaining about poor TV reception ?

Jim’s Antennas South Melbourne was called into this block of units in Richmond to solve the problem.
The existing old wiring was used to pull up RG6 quad shielded cable which is best suited for Digital TV signals.

New Digital f-type splitters and taps were used in the roof space for all units to be connected to the new TV system. The 2 new VH and UHF Antennas were made by Matchmaster Television Systems and gave a very high quality TV signals from Mt.Dandenong and the Como Tv Transmitter. So when tenants move into the unit, no matter what TV transmitter there TV is tuned to, it will always work and no need to retune the television.

The Distribution Amplifier was fitted in the Switch Board so all tenants will now have a strong digital TV signal. The antennas were secured very well, which is very important so that the antennas do not move in bad windy weather conditions.

Whether it be a 20, 40, 60 or a 3 storey building like this in Richmond or maybe in East St.Kilda, Kew or anywhere in Melbourne call Jim’s Antennas today on 131546 for a solution to your high rise TV reception problem.

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