Robina Hospital Digital Upgrade

Jim’s Antennas – The Digital TV Specialists – were recently called upon to resolve issues the Robina Hospital Health Precinct were experiencing.

Gavin, the franchisor for Brisbane and the Gold Coast, who has over 10years experience was tasked with resolving the issue.

Although the building was less than 5 years old the existing system was set up without the digital restack in mind. As the final part of the Australian change to digital TV, the digital restack moved many broadcast channels to free up frequencies that are to be sold as part of the digital dividend.

While this generally happened without incident some commercial installations became redundant and needed replacement.

Gavin inspected the existing installation and quickly determined the problem. Even though it was a straight forward problem the solution was the need for complete replacement. Gavin prepared a detailed quote for approval and once approved he quickly installed the replacement equipment and restored reception to the building.

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