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Jim’s Antennas were proud to be recently profiled in Business Franchise Australia & New Zealand magazine.
It was exciting to see our commitment to the success of our franchisees recognised by a leading national publication.

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Established in 1999 by Andrew Parke, Jim’s Antennas has grown into Australia’s largest antenna installation company.

With over 150 franchisees across all states and territories in Australia as well as New Zealand, their success is attributed to a combination of experience, outstanding service and a great team.

After being approached by Jim’s Group CEO Jim Penman, Andrew, with 10 years’ experience already within the industry, has grown the Antenna division of Jim’s into a brand customers can trust.

Over the next 12 months, targeted areas for growth include Sydney, Queensland and Tasmania as well as regional areas of Australia due to the large amount of contract work available.

“As an approved installer, working with the NBN roll-out, we are part of an installation group which brings NBN technology to rural and regional areas. By mounting outdoor antennas to properties, this enables homeowners unable to connect by cable to have access to high-speed broadband,” says Andrew.


More than antennas

Modern technology is constantly moving forward and with the recent switching off of analogue transmissions and replacing them with digital only transmissions, now is the perfect time to join Jim’s Antennas.

The bygone days of simply plugging one cable into the back of the new television have long gone. Consumers these days have to contend with satellite and pay television, Plasma, LCD, LED alongside blu-ray, home theatre systems, phone and data points.

As a Jim’s Antennas franchisee you will specialise in a range of quality digital antenna systems and conduct a free signal test at customer’s premises, before providing them with a free quote on the best antenna for their reception levels.

Jim’s Antennas franchisees specialise in the following aspects of antenna installation:

  • New antenna systems;
  • Diagnosing reception problems;
  • Cabling to new houses at lock up stage;
  • Antennas to shared housing (units, dual occupancy);
  • Digital Antenna systems to commercial premises;
  • FM Radio Antennas;
  • New TV Points to existing antennas;
  • Supplying and installing new set top boxes;
  • TV Wall Mounting; and
  • Home Theatre Installations

Jim’s Antennas will help you arrange any necessary licenses, so you are able to provide all types of telephone cabling services and in addition to extra phone points, Jim’s Antennas franchisees can also assist with computer data cabling, plus data points to connect computers to the internet, without running leads across the floor.

Trained to professionally install new flat panel screens onto walls, including cable concealment to hide all those messy cables, franchisees have access to a wide variety of specialised brackets and tools, for all types of TV’s. Alongside this, you will also be able to complete Home Theatre Installations, which includes hidden cabling, surround sound, speaker mounting and custom wall plates, projector installation, installation of projector screens , installation of Plasma, LCD and LED TV’s and supplying and programming home theatre remote controls.


Why become a Jim’s franchisee?

A Jim’s Antennas franchise allows you to set your own hours and achieve that elusive work / life balance. As you are responsible for your own scheduling, working hours and holidays, you are in control.

A Work Availability Guarantee of $1500 per week, including GST, net of stock is available to all new Jim’s Antennas franchisees. This means that should you request and not receive work to this value, your Regional Franchisor will make up the difference in work or in exchange for you providing free promotional services designed to promote and build your business. Although there is a $1500 work availability many franchisees earn well in excess of this guarantee.

A Franchise Management System (FMS) computer program has been specially developed by Jim’s IT team and allows franchisees flexibility and control over their business. Territory rights are non-exclusive, meaning that if a franchisee is not requesting work within their territory on a particular day, it will be allocated to an operator who wants the work. You are also able to provide personal referrals in any area you wish and these do not attract fees.

Franchise fees consist of a monthly base fee, plus a lead fee. The lead fee is charged once only on each new lead requested by, and sent to you. This is a ‘user pays’ system, with those taking more leads paying higher fees. This encourages all operators to contact clients as soon as the lead is received, and to log off for work when busy, leading to a higher level of customer service.

Jim’s do not charge a percentage of your income or a fee on personal referrals or walk up clients.

Jim’s Group have over 3,300 franchisees across the different divisions, therefore the strength of the Group often lends buying power for national deals. This means Jim’s Antennas franchisees are able to enjoy significant savings on work vans, mobile phone deals, insurance, stock and more.


Training and Support

Initial franchisee training is completed at the Jim’s Group National Training Centre, located in Melbourne. This covers areas such as bookkeeping, customer service and sales, the Jim’s Group ethos plus the Jim’s Antennas specific training covering the technical aspects of antenna installation. Once the classroom training is completed, franchisees are then on the road for four weeks, completing their on-the-job training with an existing franchisee who is qualified as a trainer.

“This means that our new franchisees are literally working on the tools and learning on the job, all whilst being paid a training rebate,” says Andrew.

With regular training plus meetings every six weeks which keep you up to date with industry changes and the latest Jim’s news, Jim’s Antennas also host an annual national conference, last year it was held in Bali, which all the national franchisees are invited along to. As well as the conference they have annual training camps where the franchisees will get away for two days and two nights so they can immerse themselves in training.

When it comes to administration, Jim’s Antennas supply state of the art mobility software, named ‘Jimbo’, which was designed by Andrew Parke, running on either your computer or iPad. This completes all the scheduling and invoicing as well as showing KPIs for the week and month. This ensures that franchisees always have up to date information at their fingertips.

Jim’s Antennas complete the majority of your marketing for you and are proven to be successful at it, by averaging more than 4,000 jobs per month. In addition to this, franchisees are encouraged to bring in their own work by liaising with real estate agents, builders, electricians and A.V. shops directly.

Being part of the Jims Group brand sets Jim’s Antennas apart from the competition; it’s a brand customers know and a brand they can trust.

Andrew says, “As part of the Jim’s Group, our customers know that our lifetime warranty means just that. While there may be other antenna installation companies out there in the market-place offering comparable warranties, who knows where they’ll be in 12 months’ time. Our customers know that if they are unhappy with our service, which is highly unlikely but if so, then they can contact Jim himself for assistance.”


Could you be a Jim’s Antennas franchisee?

Jim’s Antennas most successful franchisees share a common drive and passion for their business.

“When we are looking for a new franchisee, we don’t necessarily look for someone with a technical background. We actively seek franchisees that have exceptional customer service and communication skills, with an interest in antennas or home theatre and TV; usually it’s that one person in the family that has a genuine interest in plasmas, home theatre and technology and is always being asked to tune the parents, aunties or grandparents’ TV.

“We can teach the technical skills but require our franchisees to be self-motivated and possess a drive to succeed,” says Andrew.

If this sounds like you, contact Jim’s Antennas today to find out more.

T: 131 546
E: getstarted@jimsantennas.com.au
W: www.jimsantennas.com.au

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