Never Too Young To Learn With Jim’s Antennas

I had our son Jordan doing work experience with me this week. We think it’s important for  our children have an understanding of how our business is run from both the physical and manual side of it to the book work as well.

Jordan came to our franchise meeting on Thursday and participated in the discussions that were bought forward. He came out to Bitek with me and saw how we did our ordering of stock and participated in it by the end of the week. Jordan helped me on top of roofs and was helping me with wiring and data cable. He was able to help me climb through roofs and was a great help.

It’s nice to see that one of our children has taken an interest in our business and is the future of our business. He now understands what I do all day.  He has a great way of dealing with customers and is always polite. Was nice to spend the time with him!

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