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Jim’s Antennas Epping specialise in  MATV and SMATV, which is a service whereby one antenna and Foxtel service supplies numerous locations for all their digital TV needs. With more apartments going up in Prahran they require multiple TV outlets to satisfy the needs of tenants, owners and patrons, It therefore makes sense to have one central antenna supplying a digital signal to each outlet within any one complex.

MATV is a specialist niche within the digital TV antenna field, with only a few companies offering this service. Troy, from Jim’s Antennas Epping has been installing MATV systems throughout the city and surrounding suburbs of Melbourne for several years now and is one of the most respected installers in the industry Troy has a Cert III in Digital Communications and cert IV is business management, as well as numerous other industry specific qualifications. Troy is fully insured and can offer extended warranties on all his work.

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On a routine signal test for a customer in Park Orchards Aaron from Jim’s Antennas Canterbury mentioned to the customer about whether she had thought of tidying up her TV cabinet by wall mounting the TV and the speakers, as well as concealing all the exposed cables for a clean finish. The customer advised that […]

Are tenants of your block of units complaining about poor TV reception ? Jim’s Antennas South Melbourne was called into this block of units in Richmond to solve the problem. The existing old wiring was used to pull up RG6 quad shielded cable which is best suited for Digital TV signals. New Digital f-type splitters […]

Get your guyed mast checked! With the strong winds around recently it a timely reminder to get your guyed mast checked. Brett from Jim’s Antennas Mickleham responded to this customer and had to replace the entire antenna system when the 30 ft mast came down in strong winds recently.   The guyed wires were rusted, […]

Jim’s Antennas Willeton recently attend a newly built home where the customers wanted 3 flatscreen TV’s wall mounted with all cables hidden within the wall. For 1 of the TV’s we needed to drill into the brickwork to find the conduit in the internal wall. Upon inspection Colin found a wall plate was missing and […]

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