Jim’s Antennas West Mackay: No Install Too Much Trouble

Graham of Jim’s Antennas Mackay & District is known for going that extra mile for his clients, particularly those situated in rural areas that often experience poor digital TV reception.

Graham knows that poor reception on your TV is a cause for constant frustration and the difficulty in finding a reliable antenna technician is always an major issue. Graham will leave no stone unturned to help a customer, no matter where they might be located. That’s why Graham is so highly regarded in his field and why he always receives referrals from satisfied clients.

Recently Graham went to extreme lengths to help a client in located in Pinnacle Station which is west of Mirani. Graham had to be towed up a steep country range by his customer as his van just wasn’t made for the terrain that confronted him. While Graham’s van can go to most places, this was just a little steep for it to go. Once at the property Graham was able to install a new digital antenna and solve all the client’s problems. The end result was great TV reception and a happy customer.