Jim’s Antennas Mt Pleasant: Another Quality VAST Install

Rick operates Jim’s Antennas Mt Pleasant, located in Mackay, which has several locations that struggle when it comes to obtaining a quality digital signal. Not all locations will receive a quality digital TV signal through a standard antenna, and in these instances, a satellite can be used to ensure crystal clear free-to-air TV reception.

Known as Viewer Access Satellite Television, or VAST, this program, sponsored by the federal government, ensures that those who cannot receive a sufficient signal via a standard antenna have the same opportunity to free-to-air TV as those than can. To see if you are eligible for VAST, contact Jim’s Antennas who can attend your property, test the digital signal using a meter to determine the strength of the signal, and if you qualify, we can help lodge the application and install once approved.

Rick recently installed a VAST system for a client on the Sarina Range. Unfortunately the client initially called another company who sold the client an antenna without testing whether it would actually work. Unfortunately it didn’t. Rick attended, confirmed that the client would be eligible for VAST and, following approval, completed the install.

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