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Jim’s Antennas Melbourne CBD specialise in Master Antenna Television, which is a service whereby one antenna supplies numerous locations for all their digital TV needs. Locations such as office buildings, apartment complexes, retirement homes and hotels require multiple TV outlets to satisfy the needs of tenants, owners and patrons, and it’s just not feasible to have individual antennas for each separate outlet. Not only would it look unsightly, each antenna would cause interference to the others. It therefore makes sense to have one central antenna supplying a digital signal to each outlet within any one complex.

MATV is a specialist niche within the digital TV antenna field, with only a few companies offering this service. Joe, from Jim’s Antennas Melbourne CBD has been installing MATV systems throughout the city and surrounding suburbs for several years now and is one of the most respected installers in the industry. Troy, from Jim’s Antennas Wollert also has a strong interest in MATV and has completed many installations throughout Melbourne. Together there’s no complex in Melbourne that Jim’s Antennas can’t supply with a quality digital TV signal. Joe and Troy have a Cert III in Digital Communications, as well as numerous other industry specific qualifications. Both have undergone a police history check, a mandatory requirement for all Jim’s Antennas technicians, are fully insured and offer extended warranties on all their work.

In the attached image we have Joe adding the finishing touches to an MATV installation at an apartment complex completed by Troy in South Melbourne. Once finished the new complex will be ready for all free-to-air television channels to be streamed to each apartment. For all your digital TV antenna and home theatre needs, be sure to call in the experts at Jim’s Antennas. Simply call 1300 733 093 or book online at jimsantennas.com.au.

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