Birds Causing TV Antenna Worries? Call Jim’s Antennas To Discuss Bird Spikes

If you’ve got birds continually landing on your TV antenna then bird spikes is the solution for you. Michael, from Jim’s Antennas Ingle Farm is all too familiar with this problem, so much so that he now carries bird spikes to offer to clients with this frustrating problem.

Many people will remember a television advert years ago that showed an elderly gentleman throwing rocks and cans and shaking a string attached to tin cans to keep birds away from his garden. This has also been a perennial problem with TV antennas and a lot of clients are extremely annoyed by the mess left behind on their roofs by our avian intruders!

This is a problem certainly not unique to Ingle Farm but according to Michael the local pigeons are to say the least extremely stubborn and in some cases almost aggressive. Michael recalls having to monitor his cat when she was eating her dinner outside as the pigeons would push her away to get to her food. She wasn’t your typical killer cat mind you!

After much head scratching and customers trying wine casks and CDs tied to the antenna, which just attracts magpies, and rubber snakes which only work for a day or so before the birds wise up, Michael discovered bird spikes and the results prove that this is the answer.

Customers are happy to report that the bird spikes have the desired effect and keep the birds away and the mess of their roofs. Mind you, Michael reports the odd dirty look from the local pigeons as a result!

If birds are driving you crazy, call Jim’s Antennas to discuss your bird proofing options.