Speaker Wall Mounts

Gone are the days of simply having a small box that you watch TV on. Home theatre systems have become so advanced and cheap that we can all have a set up that rivals the movie theatre. One key component of any good home theatre set up is the sound. Sure the big screen is important for creating that ‘movie’ feel, but the density of the sound is equally important, when you are watching your favourite action movie and something blows up, you want to not only see it, you want to feel it.

Jim’s Antennas are your home theatre experts, when you want a set up you can feel then you want Jim’s on the job. Not only can we mount your plasma or LCD TV on the wall so that you have the optimal viewing position but we can also help you with your sound system set up so that you get the best and loudest sound.

Knowing how to position the speakers is a vital component of this. Being able to place them well requires an understanding of how sound waves work. Placing the speakers at the right distance apart and in the right locations is key as the same set of speakers put in different positions can either be so-so or so awesome depending on the placing. When you get the speakers in the right locations the sound waves will add together to create a big boom, when they are in the wrong place the sound waves will cancel each other out, actually physically reducing the volume.

When you want expert speaker placement get the team at Jim’s Antennas on the job, we know what we are doing and will ensure that your home theatre sound system set up is perfect, we will have the sound crashing over your couch so that you are fully immersed in the movie.

We can put the speakers in the perfect places with speaker wall mounts so that no matter the configuration of your room and the placing of the sofa you will get the surround sound you need. Jim’s Antennas are the speaker mounting and placement experts.

Enjoy the look and feel of a home theatre set up now, get Jim’s Antennas on the job and you can will be immersed in your movies. Get a home theatre system set up with Jim’s and experience the look and feel of the movies at your place.