Multi Unit Antenna Installation in Boronia

Aaron from Jim’s Antennas Canterbury was recently called to quote on a multi unit installation in Boronia. The developer wanted to ensure his new buyers that all details were taken care of in his units so when they moved in nothing else had to be done.

Aaron was able to arrange the quote and installation in a timely manner to the satisfaction of the developer and was happy to leave his details in each unit so if any future servicing is required the tenant or purchaser can contact Aaron directly.

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Adrian, of Jim’s Antennas Adelaide, recently attended a home in Blackwood where the client complained of poor picture quality and constant reception problems. Adrian noted that the existing antenna was an older style analogue model. The antenna was missing multiple elements and was suffering from corrosion, all of which had combined to distort the reception […]

After dropping anywhere from half a grand to a thousand bucks on a TV, the last thing you’d want to see after bringing home your brand new baby is a bunch of messy cables and cords hanging down your wall. Or even worse, a couple of holes in the plaster following a DIY installation gone […]

Radio reception all improved. Jim’s Antennas have helped a client in Greenwood who was experiencing both poor TV and Radio reception. With an Antenna solution for both TV and Radio the customer is now seeing and hearing clearly. Great Radio and TV reception. Jim’s Antennas. 131 546.

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