Jim’s Antennas Blackwood Another Quality Antenna Installation

Adrian, of Jim’s Antennas Adelaide, recently attended a home in Blackwood where the client complained of poor picture quality and constant reception problems.

Adrian noted that the existing antenna was an older style analogue model. The antenna was missing multiple elements and was suffering from corrosion, all of which had combined to distort the reception and picture quality. Adrian further noted that the antenna was located at the front of the home which was clearly noticeable from the street, and which was not aesthetically pleasing. Adrian removed the existing antenna and replaced it with a revolutionary new digital combination antenna manufactured in Australia for the digital-only environment in Australia.

This particular antenna is especially suitable in areas with traditionally poor TV reception, as it is fitted with additional gain for low reception areas. Adrian is particularly impressed with this type of antenna for its ability to reject out-of-band interference signals that can cause digital picture break up. The client was overjoyed at the instant improvement provided by the new digital antenna, as well as its new location at the back of the home.

So if you’re tired of poor TV reception or require an upgrade to a digital antenna, contact 131546 for a no obligation free quote.