Jim’s Antennas Valley View sets up the “Master Chef” Kitchen for the Local Primary School!

Setting up the projector system for cooking class.

I recently was approached by my local Primary School to upgrade their old Home Ecommics display, which  was a old mirror hanging from the ceiling over the cook top. This system wasn’t clear for the students and they had to come up to the cook top to see the action.

Thinking outside the box this is the solution that worked best.

Mounting 4 high quality CCTV cameras, 2 over the prep benches, 1 over the cook top and 1 focusing at the coffee machine. They are then connected to a 4 channel PVR and displayed though a Overhead projector to a Projector screen behind the teacher.

This way the students have a better view of what the teacher is cooking and can make notes without crowding around the cook top.

With the uses of a PVR the teacher can record their demonstration and the students watch them at a later date.

The school was very impressed with this solution and have Dubbed it Their “Master Chef Class”

cooking class Before2          cooking class After8

Martin – Jims Antennas Valley View,  SA

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