Wanted to say how happy I have been with Jim’s Antennas service

Jim's Antennas Man in Beverly Hills

Martin, Carlton, NSW

Dear Sir or Madam,

I just wanted to say how happy I have been with Jims Antennas service. I called yesterday,

* My call was very professionally handled
* Billy Vasilou was here in 60 mins, provided great advice and service
* Billy also took time out to help me with an additional call re the setup of my digital box today.

I  have just returned from 3 years in Hong Kong, and have had to deal with various Australian companies as I settle back in. I have been very disappointed with the level of service overall,  and felt that Australian business wasnt really customer focussed at all. I am delighted to say that your firm has proved me wrong, and this is by far and away the best service I have received since we returned.

thank you Billy and Jims!
Carlton NSW

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