Time To Upgrade Your Old Antenna?

Do you know how old your antenna is? Is your antenna the same one from when you first purchased your home? If your antenna is between 10 to 20 years old it maybe time for an upgrade. In some cases you may need to upgrade before than, particularly if your antenna has been damaged due to bad weather.

But, how do you know when your antenna needs to be upgrade? Thankfully – this is an easy answer.

If your TV reception is breaking up, is pixelating, image is freezing or you have loss of channels, it maybe time for an upgrade. If your antenna is old or has been damaged then we recommend calling the experts at Jim’s Antennas.

Our team of installation experts specialise in all types of aerial installation tasks. Your local technician will fit the correct Antenna for the type of TV reception available in your local area.

All Jim’s Antennas franchisees are highly trained and fully qualified to diagnose and repair all Reception Issues for your Free To Air TV.

Troy, from Jim’s Antennas & Security Wollert, had a customer who had an antenna installed in their roof from 20 years ago. The signal was really bad, especially when it rained. The solution was to put up a brand new Matchmaster DR3006 digital antenna, with life time manufacture warranty. The signal was perfect after that. 

Jim’s Antennas have partnered with Matchmaster to offer a lifetime guarantee on the DigiMatch range of antennas.

If your antenna needs an upgrade, or if you are building and want only the best, then call 131 546 or book here, to arrange your free onsite quote.

To request a quote or booking, please click the button below to fill out the form below and your local franchisee will be in touch with you shortly.

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