Troy from Jim’s Antennas Wollert recently installed three TVs and monitors for a marketing business’ office in Southbank.

In recent years, the use of TVs in meeting rooms have sky rocketed in popularity. 

If you are tossing up between a projector or a TV for your conference room, a primary consideration is size. While a projector is best suited to a large room, TVs are most appropriate for smaller conference rooms, intended to accommodate eight or less people. When choosing between the two, keep in mind that no-one should be straining their eyes to see the screen.

Fortunately, this is the only major draw back of having a TV in the office. In almost every other way, TVs are superior to projectors.

TVs have longer lifespans than projectors. You don’t need to worry about turning them off after every meeting and they require little maintenance with a lot of use. On the other hand, projector bulbs need to be replaced if used often or left unattended. This adds up, resulting in wasted time and money.

Not only that, but TVs also have better visuals than projectors. They are able to provide a wider colour range, better colour accuracy, and have better contrast ratios – which means crisper and clearer visuals!

And last but not least, built-in projector speakers are infamous for their poor sound quality. While modern TVs are able to deliver clear and more intelligible dialogue.

So there you have it. Good sound quality is vital for immersing a client in the idea of your pitch if you are depending on video or audio. Exceptional quality of visuals which are true to design, will also significantly enhance a presentation.

And it doesn’t end there. During this job, Troy was also able to connect an Apple TV box to each of monitor so that the staff at this office will be able to connect to the big screen wirelessly. No cables, no fuss.

Perhaps its time to get a TV for your meeting room?

Here at Jim’s Antennas we know how to get the job done. Give us a call on131 546, or book a free onsite no obligation quote online.

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