Graham from Jim’s Antennas Mackay recently installed a new amplifier and splitter at a home south of Koumala. While on the job, Graham’s customer also inquired whether his FM radio reception was able to be improved.

Graham was able to grant our customer’s wish by running a second cable from the VHF component of the customer’s existing antenna into his radio. As the customer’s old antenna was in good condition, Graham saw no need to replace it, saving the customer unnecessary hassle and costs, while providing crystal clear reception.

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Jim’s Antennas Epping specialise in  MATV and SMATV, which is a service whereby one antenna and Foxtel service supplies numerous locations for all their digital TV needs. With more apartments going up in Prahran they require multiple TV outlets to satisfy the needs of tenants, owners and patrons, It therefore makes sense to have one […]

At Jim’s Antennas we get asked all sorts of questions in regards to receiving better TV reception, but lately we have seen a lot of requests to get better Digital Radio reception and can we help out? Well the answer is…of course we can! Digital Radio uses a far more advanced and technically robust transmission […]

Jim’s Antennas Hillarys recently attended a home in Kingsley to install a rooftop mounted radio modem. This customer was originally set up on a very slow unreliable Fibre to the Node (FTTN) connection which struggled to deliver 0.5 Mbit/sec. Once finished, Tony was able to secure the new equipment with dramatic improvements to their download […]

Troy from Jim’s Antennas Epping attended a home in Arthurs Creek to assist with the installation a TV mount in an Outdoor area, Troy then suggested using a corner mount so TV was visible from the pool area. The Final result was the TV on the wall ended up looking amazing. The customer was delighted […]

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