TV Reception Issues in Nambour

Do you live in and around the Nambour area, and are you experiencing TV reception issues?

If the answer to this is yes, we at Jim’s Antennas have the answers for you. Shane from Jim’s Antennas Nambour has told us that he has found many people in the area having unnecessary issues with the TV Signal around Nambour and Woombye. He said that the big issues people are facing in these areas are Digital signal not being strong enough, 4G LTE Interference or TV’s that have locked onto the incorrect Tower.

The unique issue with Nambour and Woombye is that from both these area it is possible to pick up signal from either the Bald Knob transmitter, or the Dulong Transmitter. Depending on the Antenna you have, and the direction it is facing will depend on which tower will give you the best response.

Further to this, transmission will soon start within this area of the LTE 4G mobile services that are due to commence from Jan 2015. In certain conditions this may play up with your TV reception. If this is the case, Shane has told us that the 4G or LTE interference can be easily fixed by simply placing a filter in the system to filter out any unwanted signal. This can also be done to make sure your TV can only be tuned onto the correct channels.

Shane also advised that there are a lot of TV systems in the area that simply are not up to Digital standard, and are playing up. He has heard many times the same tale that people have put up with poor reception, after being told by some distant family member or friend that “You always have issues with Digital”, and “Break up of a Digital picture is normal”. This is simply not true. If there is a problem with the picture, it usually means there is a problem somewhere within the system.

If this is the case, you need a fully trained antenna technician such as Shane to take a look. They can diagnose your problem and point you in the right direction to perfect Reception.

As with all our Jim’s Antennas technicians and franchisees Shane has undergone extensive training, and is kept up to date with changes that are happening with in the industry. Shane has completed his Cert. III in Digital Technologies, and Digital Communications, so he is able to help solve your problem.

If you are having an issue with your Digital TV reception in or around the Nambour area, why not give Shane a call today on 131 546.

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