Can An Antenna Affect The Output Of My Solar Panels?

Simply put, a TV antenna can affect the output of a home’s solar panel installation. The shadow cast by an antenna can cause the problem, as can any other shadow type, whether that be from a tree, a building or cloud cover. Shade on a solar panel system can reduce and even virtually shut down electricity production at any home or office.

James Martin of Solar Choice advises that, “In conventional solar panel installations, shade is something that blocks flow. If, for example, shade from a tree or a chimney is cast on even one of the panels in the install, the output of the entire install will be reduced to virtually zero for as long as the shadow sits there.” See the attached link for the full article:

It’s therefore extremely important to make sure any antennas are moved not just to a new location but a location that will not cast any shadows over the panels. This may sound straight forward, however in areas that may have poor reception, care must also be taken not to reduce the reception quality of the digital TV signal. This is where Jim’s Antennas can help. All Jim’s Antennas franchisees are trained in the use of up to date digital signal strength meters. These meters are required to measure the TV signal while the technician is on the roof to ensure the absolute best reception and picture quality.

Jim’s Antennas have technicians located throughout Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, North Queensland, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Sydney, Newcastle and virtually everywhere in between that can check the shade factor caused by an antenna. Solar panels are a considerable investment and they should be working at their maximum capability. So if you have existing solar panels or you’re considering an installation, be sure to ask your solar panel installation company if they have taken the issue of shading into account or call Jim’s Antennas on 1300 733 093 to book an inspection.