Warranty Terms & Conditions

Jim’s Antennas are proud to offer a guarantee on all services, along with a warranty on antenna systems as set out below:

  • Jim’s Antennas shall provide a warranty on all antenna and antenna related equipment installed by the technician on the date of the receipt;
  • The warranty does not include any leads provided or installed to link the television, video, DVD, stereo system or any other device to each other or to the television outlet;
  • The warranty extends from the date of the receipt for the period of time specified on the receipt. If no period has been specified, the warranty extends for a period of one (1) year from the date of receipt;
  • Jim’s Antennas are not responsible for any outside influence or changes to the signal quality in any given area;
  • The warranty does not cover incorrect use of the antenna system or work undertaken by a person other than a Jim’s Antennas technician;
  • Jim’s Antennas reserve the right to have the first opportunity to rectify any damage to property or antenna equipment, within reasonable time;
  • Jim’s Antennas liability other than this warranty shall be limited to the repair of damages caused or value thereof;
  • Jim’s Antennas will endeavour to have a technician visit your premise within 7 days of a warranty claim;
  • All stock shall remain the property of Jim’s Antennas until such time as the total invoice amount shown on the invoice is paid in full.

Should you have any disputes or claims with respect to the warranty on your new antenna system, please do not hesitate to contact the National Call Centre on 131 546 or the Jim’s Antennas National Office on (03) 9646 5004.


If you have recently had an antenna system installed by Jim’s Antennas and you are experiencing problems, please check for the following problems prior to contacting us:

  • Ensure that the antenna lead is intact and plugged in to both the wall plate and television;
  • If an amplifier is attached to your antenna system, ensure that the power supply for your amplifier is plugged in and switched on;
  • If you have tried the above with no success, try running a lead directly from your television to the wall plate. If the picture is clear, the problem may be to do with auxiliary equipment and not your antenna.

PLEASE NOTE: If a Jim’s Antennas technician is required to attend and the problem is not a warranty issue, the technician may charge a service call fee.