Home TheatreLove your Friday nights watching DVDs at home? Or just enjoy having a dedicated theatre room to let the kids be kids and watch their flicks somewhere out of your sight and sound?

A theatre room could be your solution and at Jim’s Antennas, we can help with home theatre installation.

Some elements you need to know before installing a home theatre:

  • Ascertain if the room where you propose to install the home theatre lets you use a projector or not. A projection system’s range is known as “throw”. Different projectors have different ranges of throw. It’s measured by the projector’s distance from the screen.  You can determine the projector’s throw ratio online before making the purchase. The manual also has this information if you already possess one or you’re buying from a store.
  • Don’t put the projector near a doorway or window. If your room has windows, the best you can do is have the screen and projector placed perpendicular to the doors and windows. Refrain from placing a projector in such a way that it either faces towards or away from the window.
  • Pay attention to the speaker placement. If you decide on in-wall speakers, ensure the rear speakers aren’t placed too low onto the wall. This can lead to sound fluctuations – the sound may be excessively loud in certain scenes which make the centre speaker almost inaudible.
  • Wiring is one of the most critical aspects of a home theatre setup and if you’re not an electrician by profession, we advise you to hire one.

Avoid all the hassle. Contact Jim’s Antennas experts right away for installing your home theatre.

Jim’s Antennas specialise in home theatre setup, including:

  • Hidden cable surround sound
  • Speaker mounting and custom wall plates
  • Projector installation
  • Installation of projector screens
  • Installation of Plasma, LCD and LED TVs
  • Home theatre remote controls

All equipment is installed with hidden cabling, mounting your speakers, projectors or screens neatly and securely without any disconcern to you.

Since our installation team is backed by over 150 Jim’s Antennas franchisees nationally, we can guarantee that your system will be installed quickly, professionally and with a no fuss-warranty.

We are happy to install the entire system for you, or simply set up your speakers with hidden cabling to put the final touches to your media room.

Whatever your needs, we can assist with professional home theatre installations. Just call us today on 1300 733 093 and get your obligation-free quote. You’ll be back to watching your favourite flicks in state-of-the-art surrounds in no time at all.