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Jim's Antennas TV TuningYou’ve finally got that amazing new TV you’ve been wanting, now all you’ll need is to have it tuned. You could try and do it yourself but with all the different features, options, and controls to sort out, isn’t it easier to get someone in to get it done right the first time? That’s where Jim’s Antennas can help.  Call us on 131 546.

Whether you had your TV installed and wall mounted by Jim’s Antennas or not we can get your digital TV tuning done quickly and safely by one of our experienced and professional digital TV tuning technicians.

By using our services you can ensure that all the channels will be on the right spectrum with no ‘repeat’ channels. We’ll calibrate to make sure you have the absolute best audio and picture possible for your particular TV, along with preventing your picture from pixelating or giving you fuzzy channels. After all, what’s the point of having that fancy new TV if you’re not getting the best image and sound possible from it?

Not only that, we’ll ensure you have the right aspect ratio settings for all your AV equipment not just your digital TV, giving you the optimal tuning and connection you need. Whether that’s for your DVD player, a games console, or a recorder we use only the highest quality cables and connections to give you optimum picture and sound.

Once we’ve tuned all your equipment for you we work to make sure that all cables are carefully managed and tidied away. We’ll also then take the time to demonstrate how to make the most out of your new TV, coaching you through different settings and so on so that you know how to operate everything easily.

The best part? We’ll come to you! You don’t need to bring your TV to a shop as we perform all our TV tuning services in the comfort and convenience of your home.

To have our expert technicians perform their magic get in touch today by calling 7 days on 131 546 or fill in our online contact form for a free quote.

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