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If you don’t understand the difference between analogue and digital television or you’re too busy to do all the research but you know you want the best digital TV reception, trust Jim’s Antennas as we’re the leading digital TV specialists.

Call us on 131 546 and you’ll be able to take advantage of our vast knowledge and cost-saving techniques as we have a variety of digital set top boxes to suit every requirement. We’ll also gladly offer you a free in-home demonstration so you can experience the digital TV difference.

Jim’s Antennas will makes sure your old analogue system is upgraded to digital using the latest in cabling, connectors and TV antennas for digital TV, tailored to enhance your reception specifically for your home in your locality. It doesn’t matter if you live on a hill or in a protected pocket, or whether you’ve had reception problems in the past – Jim’s Antennas’ specialist will give you a free onsite no obligation quote so that you can make a well-informed decision and enjoy the best reception possible.

If you’ve been putting up with bad television reception because you don’t understand the process to change over to digital, we’ll make it easy for you; you’ll be enjoying the extensive selection of digital Freeview television programming in no time.

How? It’s pretty simple actually. We will install a digital antenna on your rooftop or inside your home. Our team of experts understand your requirements and they will setup the antenna accordingly. If you have already a digital aerial installed, but it’s not functioning properly, we can take care of that too! At Jim’s Antennas, our team specializes in all kinds of antenna repairing and installing tasks.

Don’t lose sleep thinking you have to replace your analogue TV with a digital one in order to receive digital signals. Installing a digital set top box will put all your problems to rest. At Jim’s Antennas, we specialize in set top box installation. All you need to do is give us a call and we will provide you a free onsite no obligation quote. Apart from carrying out the installation tasks, our experts will also take care of the cabling ensuring everything is correctly hooked up and messy cable are securely hidden away.

We’re also part of the trusted Jim’s Group network, which means you have the security and peace of mind that our services, products and people are fully insured and come with industry-leading warranties.

Contact us today on 131 546 or book online – and get ready to start enjoying your favourite TV shows in no time at all without any hassle. Plus, we make sure your cables are tidy and ordered while mounting your flat screen TVs safely and securely onto your walls.

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