Phone Line Installation And Repair

Jim’s Antennas are on hand to wire your phone lines in just the areas you need them, whether that be your home or office. With most properties needing more than one device requiring a phone line (phones, computer, Smart TVs and so on) the right placement of your cabling and outlets is crucial.

How Many Points Do You Need?

You want to be able to hook up as many of your devices as necessary without being overburdened with cables. Wiring is usually needed in more than one room as you will typically have your TV in one room, the computer and printer in another and the phone in at least one other location in the home.

The Home Office

If you have a separate room for your home office you’ll want points to be set up in the office rather than a reliance on an unwieldy connection from another room. Our trained technicians will listen to your needs and work out the most efficient placement for all points so you can easily connect up all your devices.

Checking out your current points

If you already have phone lines but want to make sure these are in the optimal location we can help evaluate your existing points and recommend new ones if we think there could be improvements. Your existing phone lines may also require repair. Our technicians will repair if possible and replace only if absolutely necessary.

The installation of phone outlets is a regulated industry, so all technicians require an appropriate licence. Our technicians have undergone extensive theory and on the job training so you can be sure we meet the legislated standards for installation. So don’t trust just anyone for your phone service requirements.

Jim’s Antennas are here to provide you with the service you need to run all the devices you want in your home. Call now on 131 546 or simply fill in our online contact form for a free, no obligation quote.

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