Antenna Installation Lucas Estate: Ballarat

Shane from Jim’s Antennas Ballarat is the go to man for all digital TV antenna installation needs in Ballarat and surrounding areas.

Since commencing the business in 2009 Shane has established himself as an expert in the field. Shane’s workmanship is only matched by his exceptional customer service standards. That’s why his services are in high demand from real estate agents, property managers, electricians and builders. Shane attends a work site, establishes exactly what equipment he will require and quotes a price, which is always competitive.

Shane also offers a 3 year warranty of his installations, which he will always honour. Some other antenna technicians look to use the cheapest possible products which usually will fail in the not too distant future. Trying to get that same technician back to fix the issue is usually impossible. That’s why Shane will always use quality products selected specifically for the job at hand.

In the attached image, we see a new build in an estate in Lucas. The stramit roof requires a specific stramit mount. This type of mount fits perfectly onto the groves of the roof and provides added stability which is very important for windy areas such as this. A stramit roof mount doesn’t require roof penetration, so there is absolutely no chance a leak following a rain shower or storm.

A digital TV antenna is a long term investment so you are always better off paying for quality from the outset.

For a free onsite quote contact Jim’s Antennas Ballarat on 1300 733 093.

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