Listen To Music Anywhere In The House: Jim’s Antennas Ballarat Explains How

Times have certainly changed in regard to how we store and listen to music. In the digital age we now find ourselves in, records, tape cassettes and compact disks have become a thing of the past. The advent of smartphones and tablets capable of downloading cloud based music streaming services has taken over. Who could have seen this coming 10 years ago?

Shane from Jim’s Antennas Ballarat now offers the installation of roof mounted speakers with Bluetooth capability in all client homes and offices. All you need to do is stream your music from a digital device and connect to the speakers via the Bluetooth functionality. The large stereo system taking up space in your living room can now easily be replaced with these Bluetooth capable speakers. Shane explains how Bluetooth works, “All new smartphones and tablets are Bluetooth capable. Bluetooth allows the wireless streaming of audio from a device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to the roof mounted speakers. The roof mounted speakers I use are Bluetooth capable. They sit flush on the ceiling for a professional look and feel. It really is a great alternative to the stereo system which can take up considerable space in living zones. I can install these speakers in any room in the house and even in outdoor entertaining areas”.

Shane has installed Bluetooth speakers in the Ballarat Hotondo display homes so if you want visual and audio proof of how effective this equipment is be sure to inspect the display village. For all your speaker installation needs call Jim’s Antennas on 1300 733 093.