When it comes to TV antenna installation there is more involved than just getting the antenna attached to the roof. You need to find the best position for it so that it can receive the clearest signal possible. Very often there are hills or other things in between the signal tower and the antenna and this causes problems with the reception. Even tall buildings and trees can have some effect, so just pointing it in the same directions as other antennas in the area may not give the best result.

There are many specific electronic devices that can show the professional installer just where the best signal will be when they install your antenna. The home handyman does not have access to these helpful tools so the job they do will not be as good. Apart from that, the professional installer will have a long ladder, something that is usually missing from the householder’s tools. This enables them to access the roof much more easily than someone who relies on climbing up a nearby fence or garden shed.

The connections to the TV are also important parts of the installation process. Some locations require different components to be attached for the best result. A professional installer will know what is needed so your reception will be as good as possible. They will also be able to tell you whether you could need a satellite dish instead, if your area has a variable signal.

We are able to do repairs and servicing as well as TV antenna installation so if you have an antenna up already but are not happy with the reception you know who to call. A professional can diagnose reception issues using all the tools of his trade, making the job easier and the outcome more professional. We know about set top boxes and can advise you on what is available and what kind of features they have.

Talking about issues with reception, birds can sometimes cause a problem because they love to perch on antennas and can actually bend it if enough land there at one time. Apart from that their droppings can soil your roof or your solar panels if they are located nearby, so we can check this out for you if you can’t find anything else wrong. It could be that you need to have bird spikes on the antenna so that they cannot land.