jims_antennas_Plasma_InstallYou either know you need a set top box or you don’t know what a set top box is – either way, at Jim’s Antennas we can advise you on set top box installation and make sure you have the best television set up for your needs.

Installing a set top box gives you the opportunity to enjoy watching channels, which you never heard of! If you don’t have one already installed at your home, then you might be losing out on a lot of entertainment options.

At Jim’s Antennas, we have two set top box options available: a Standard Set Top Box (STB) and a High-Definition Set Top Box (HDSTB). There are a number of devices at-hand to suit a range of viewing needs.

Both these options will give your television a digital TV receiver, which you will need if your current television isn’t already equipped with this technology.

Many older televisions run on analogue reception but on the 10th December 2013 the Australian Government will switch off analogue signals and move only to digital – which is actually great news for everyone because digital Freeview television boasts plenty more stations and programme variety.

But that doesn’t mean you have to replace your old television set with a new one to receive digital signals. Installing a set top box along with a digital aerial will do the job for you. Our team of experts will place the set top box perfectly in your home. We will also ensure that there are no messy cables lying around.

We can also advise you on the quality of set top boxes so that you don’t have to face any trouble while choosing one. In that case, we will check what your requirements are and install a digital set top box accordingly.

We can also look at satellite dish installation and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying a huge range of television stations with the best possible reception.

Whether you’ve had terrible reception for years or if your reception just drops in and out occasionally, Jim’s Antennas can professionally evaluate your requirements and figure out the best possible solution for your needs.

We’re also part of the trusted Jim’s Group network, which means our services, products and people are fully insured, police checked and come with manufactures warranties so that you can have absolute peace of mind.

At Jim’s Antennas, we put quality above everything else. All you need to do is call us and will assess your requirements and provide you a free onsite no obligation quote. Everything else will be taken care of by us!